The Lily And The Rose

The Lily And The Rose

Let's get back into the symbolism of the Tarot deck. We talked a little bit about it before, but these are some of our very favorite designs, and some of the ones with the most staying power and overall sales long-term. 

There's a reason why the Fool is represented by the number zero, and the magician is represented by the number one. In a way, it's a binary system. They’re polar opposites. As the Fool is cavorting with the little white dog, the magician is hard at work, using the alchemical equivalents of the Lily and the Rose to perfect his or her artisanal creations – the philosopher's stone, the “bread of gold,” etc. You can see these ideas at play in classic literature, or in the annals of history. 

This contrast between work and complaint is also broadly represented in the human psyche – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work isn't that good for him it something that we generally think about as we go about our day to day lives? Maybe not, not unless we really hate our jobs! But these brilliant concepts are really interesting to think about in the context of our modern life, and they’re really cool ideas to show off in any part of society. With these shirts, representing the icons of ancient wisdom, you get people coming up and saying “hey, that looks cool, what does it mean?” and getting more involved in understanding these esoteric concepts.

That's just a little corner of what we make and sell at Five Dollar T-Shirts. We've got many of the other cards in the deck, too, and other wildly different designs, like the “lady and the cat” meme, as well as Einstein and Tigers and more. It's all made with our dedication to quality, our workflow model, and our customer service, which helps you to get what you need online without the hassle of learning to trust an unknown seller. 

If you want to enjoy a shirt that shows off the promise of cryptocurrency, we've got that, too, with our Bitcoin designs! Or show everybody your sign with our astrological shirt lineup. Browse and see what we’ve got – there’s a lot here for all ages and all interests. Above all, we want you to have fun, and keep learning, because without learning new things, life gets stagnant, no matter how much you go online! (or how little.) That’s something we can learn from the Fool and the Magician, too. 

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