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The word, “arcana,” comes from the Latin arcanus, where we also get the word arcane. The English word, “arcane,” meaning something understood by very few. It’s a word with magical or occult connotations, something requiring interpretation. In Tarot, the major arcana are the 22 cards that represent the biggest and most important parts of the human psyche. Each major arcanum is a symbol for something much deeper. Learning to fully interpret and grasp them is a journey that can take a Tarot reader years, but with my articles, you can get started right away! A little bit about me: I’m...

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Colors play a major role in the lives of star signs, ranging from luck, love life to day-to-day life. Have you ever been told to wear blue to attract a Libra? Libras are attracted like a magnet to the color blue! Blue is the color of communication and calmness. It is the color of water, thus signifies balance, depth, and tranquility. Not only this, blue is the color of communication! Have you ever found yourself more confident and able to successfully establish your point of view in a conversation, while wearing blue? Blue boosts your confidence! That is the reason,...

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