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Roles of colors in lives of star signs

Colors play a major role in the lives of star signs, ranging from luck, love life to day-to-day life. Have you ever been told to wear blue to attract a Libra? Libras are attracted like a magnet to the color blue!

Blue is the color of communication and calmness. It is the color of water, thus signifies balance, depth, and tranquility. Not only this, blue is the color of communication! Have you ever found yourself more confident and able to successfully establish your point of view in a conversation, while wearing blue? Blue boosts your confidence! That is the reason, blue-colored suits are commonly worn by businessmen in meeting rooms. Blue also signifies emotions.

A Libra is attracted to blue because it gives them a sense of balance and blue is also a lucky color for Libras. Wearing blue or navy zodiac shirts to attract a Libra could add to the charm. As a Libra, you could wear navy astrological shirts to interviews or an important meeting.

Not only a Libra, but a Cancer is attracted to blue. Cancer is a water sign. Moreover, Navy color attracts an Aquarius too because they like unconventional shades.

A Taurus is attracted to green color. The green color refreshes them and brings a sense of tranquility. Green is also a lucky color for Taurus people. Taurus is an earth sign and nature attracts and calms them down. You might often see a Taurus hiking or jogging in parks. Green is a natural and optimistic color. It is often used in waiting rooms, to keep people calm. As a Taurus, you should wear green zodiac shirts more often.

Gemini is also attracted to green color as this color symbolizes growth and creativity for them. A Gemini shall wear green astrological shirts, every Wednesday to boost their luck.

Wearing Kelly green zodiac shirts would keep a Virgo calm.This color is in harmony with the temperament of a Virgo.

Taurus is also attracted to the red color because the symbol of the star sign is a bull. The bull is charged when they see red. Red promotes a sense of family and unity for Taurus. It also symbolizes energy and excitement for the Taurus people.

Red is also a color for Aries. Aries are very aggressive signs. Red flares up their energy. They are very energetic. By wearing red astrological shirts, Aries could turn luck in their favor. Moreover, red brings out the charisma and charm of a Leo. Hence, wear red zodiac shirts to claim the world, Leo!

Charcoal and black are the colors for a Scorpio. Black is often used to denote power and status. Steve Jobs used to wear black, always. Moreover, luxury vehicles are often black. However, black according to astrology is not a very good color to be worn, if you are going to a meeting or interview. Black is said to absorb energy, as it is made by absorbing all the colors. Black hides everything. It has often been symbolized with death and evil.

However, Scorpios are manipulative and a bit shady, thus black, charcoal, and purple colors attract them. Perhaps, wear sexy black attire, if you want to charm your Scorpio date! You could wear black astrological shirts, on your random and casual date with a Scorpio partner. Capricorn is also attracted to black shades.

A Sagittarius shall avoid wearing black color as it can produce negative effects on them. While wearing red zodiac shirts would benefit them greatly.

White color connotes harmony, purity, and innocence. It is often used for bridal wear to signify virginity and purity. Paint the walls of your room white and notice how spacious your room looks. Not only this, white symbolizes new beginnings and freshness. 

Pisces is very pure at heart and spirit. White produces a sense of peace for them. They are harmonious people, who try to solve every conflict with spirituality. You might often find, Pisces discussing intellectual topics. Talk to them about ghost stories and spiritual matters. They have a lot to say! Wear white astrological shirts or grey zodiac shirts and discuss intellectual issues and charm your Pisces date!

White and pink colors, calm down an Aries. If your Aries partner is aggressive, wear white or pink astrological shirts to calm them down. White and pink also soothe the mood of a Taurus.

Follow these color advice as per your zodiac and notice the magic of colors at play!


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