More Memes and Modern Musings

More Memes and Modern Musings

One of our last blogs talked about meme tees – and to continue on in that vein, truly, it is the age of the immortal meme. You see these memes on social media and other places, representing brand-new ways to show off your opinions and ideas and communicate with other people, in real time or otherwise.


Some people love a particular Internet meme for its polarity and keen, cutting sense of humor. Others may feel that a particular meme is quite a bit overdone. Sometimes you never want to see these things again, but on the other hand, a meme can be a really good way of getting a message across! We think memes are great, and we like to share them with each other. Maybe you feel the same way, and maybe not, but either way, take a look at the catalog, and we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your fancy.


Our Meme T-Shirts


One of our funniest meme T-shirts is the self-referential: “T-shirts are not art – change my mind!”


This one brings quite a chuckle on the streets. We also have what's known as the lady/cat meme, which is a critical study in emotional meme development, and pretty funny too. And then there's something disarmingly cute about a badger throwing up his paws and saying “come at me, bro!”


Other T-Shirts


If you're not the meme type, you can also get T-shirts bearing inscrutable esoteric messages like the Eye of Horus, or a tarot card, like the sun or the devil or the tower – the tarot as an age-old art form and divination medium is popular with a subset of our customers who plumb the depths of ancient lore.


That’s not all, though. With our t-shirts, you can show off dad jokes, vine-related material or other humorous designs in an anecdotal way. Why wear your sense of humor on your sleeve? Well, for one thing, it's an icebreaker and a way to get more glances as you walk around in public. Essentially, having a sense of humor helps you to bounce through some of the strangeness and ugliness of the world around you without letting it drag your spirits down. That’s a use, we’d say.


It's also just fun … so take a look. Browse. Or drop us a line suggesting a particular idea. We love the “art of the shirt” and we’re always thinking of new ways to draw a little more magic and humor into our collection. If you like something – go for it! Many of these shirts are just five dollars, a lot less than you’d pay on the rack at your local mall. And they’re cooler, too! Well, I mean, that’s just, like, our opinion, man.

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