Why T-Shirts Are the Perfect Host for Memes

Why T-Shirts Are the Perfect Host for Memes

Pop on over to your favorite social media site and you are bound to see a whole bunch of memes. The internet is awash with them. That's all fine, but T-shirts are a better meme host than social media pages. We'll explain why in this post. Just hang in there; don't panic yet.

Memes are great as T-shirt messages because they tend to be short, concise, and well understood. Indeed, some of them don't even require words. Just a picture will do. That makes them perfect for a T-shirt. Not convinced? Then take a look at our meme T-shirts. You're going to love them.

History of the Meme

We did some digging around and discovered that the term 'meme' was originally coined in 1976 by an English scholar named Richard Dawkins. According to Thought Co. contributor Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D., Dawkins used the term in his description of how cultural trends evolve over time.

Dawkins apparently defined a meme as some element of modern culture that spreads throughout society as it passes from one person to the next. A cultural element can be anything from music to political ideas and acceptable behaviors. It is spread mainly by imitation.

This explains a lot. It explains why internet memes are so popular. They spread like wildfire through likes, shares, and copying and pasting. But like we said, tees are the perfect host for memes. They are a lot better for sharing ideas than social media.

T-Shirts Get More Exposure

The thing about meme T-shirts is they get a lot more exposure compared to social media memes. Now before you balk at such an idea, remember that people see internet memes once and then pass on by. It might be true that millions of people use Facebook and Twitter, but the messages they read on their social media posts are fleeting.

When you wear a T-shirt, you've got a piece of clothing that can share a meme day after day. Long after your favorite internet meme winds up at the bottom of your news feed, you'll still be wearing your meme tee to the shopping mall, the restaurant, the park, etc.

Let's say your 5-dollar tee lasts for five years. Wear it once a week and you'll have more than 250 days to display your message. You don't get that kind of traction with social media. People scroll on by and move onto the next thing far too quickly.

T-Shirts Are Device-Free

Internet memes are fine for when you are online. But what about when you're disconnected? The beauty of meme T-shirts is that they are device-free. You don't need a smartphone when you have a T-shirt. You don't need an internet connection or a fully charged battery. All you need is your own body and an interesting meme.

Experts are starting to say that maybe we all spend too much time staring at our screens. We spend so much time online that we are forgetting how to interact in person. You can be part of the change by taking your memes off social media and putting them on your chest.

A great meme T-shirt can start a conversation. It can give you reason to actually talk to people without using electronic devices. Imagine that! Having a device-free conversation hearkens back to what we used to do before smartphones were a thing.

Hey, we appreciate a good internet meme as much as anyone else. They have their place. But if you're into memes, we think putting them on your T-shirts is a much better deal.

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