What Kind of T-Shirt Wearer Are You?

What Kind of T-Shirt Wearer Are You?

It has been suggested that you can tell a lot about a person by the T-shirts he or she wears. It makes sense. More often than not, our tees convey some sort of message. Perhaps that message gives the rest the world at least a little inkling of what's going on in our heads.

We took a step back and looked at all of the different kinds of T-shirts we sell. Then we came up with five distinct kinds of T-shirt-wearing personalities. Take a look and see what you think. Then ask yourself, “what kind of T-shirt wearer am I?”

1. The Outer Rim

Star Wars fans understand the Outer Rim as the place where you find unusual civilizations and cultures. If you are an Outer Rim T-shirt wearer, you probably like things like occult, vampire, and tarot T-shirts. You thrive on the fringe and you are proud of it. Yeah, we feel you.

Living on the Outer Rim means being your own person and doing your own thing. You will not be tied down by anyone else's perceptions of who you should be. We are cool with that.

2. The Passive-Aggressive

You might be a passive-aggressive T-shirt wearer if you get your kicks making political statements with your clothing. Hey, to each his own. Your messages are just as legitimate as anyone else's. To you, political T-shirts are the best way to make clear where you stand on the issues.

Meme T-shirts are another favorite among the passive-aggressive crowd. Memes can get a message across in a clever and underhanded kind of way that still gives you room to escape should you make waves. No wonder we all love memes!

3. The Budget Meister

People in the budget meister category look at one thing and one thing only: price. Cheap T-shirts are their muse. For the most part, budget meisters don't care so much about the message as long as their new shirts are cheap enough. They love 5-dollar tees for obvious reasons.

4. The Producer

If you are what we call the 'producer', your T-shirt fashions revolve around movies and music. You know every single character in the Star Wars saga as well as the finer details of its lengthy cannon. You are intimately familiar with the Avengers, the Marvel universe, and rock bands from Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin.

Movie and music T-shirts dominate your wardrobe. You've got your fair share of black T-shirts as well. One of your favorite things to do is ask people trivia questions related to the particular T-shirt you might be wearing that day. All we can say is, "rock on!"

5. The Stand-Up

Last but not least is the stand-up T-shirt wearer. This is a person who finds a joke in everything. If he is not watching standup comedy on a smart phone, he's cracking jokes with his friends at some sidewalk café in a hip and upcoming city.

Stand-ups come from all demographics. They are men, women, young people, seniors, and everything in between. They all have one thing in common: they see life as a reason to laugh. They wear funny T-shirts for no other reason. We love them because they are always looking for the next joke.

Whether you see yourself in one of these categories or not, we invite you to take a look at your favorite categories of T-shirts here on our site. We believe T-shirts are one of the best types of clothing around. We've got something for everyone, so don't leave until you find one or two you love.

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