Three Cool, Quirky T-Shirts

Three Cool, Quirky T-Shirts


 Listen, we've got a lot of T-shirts here at Five Dollar T-Shirts. But we like to paw through some of these designs once in a while and smile, because in times of challenge and strife, humor really is the best medicine!

 Here are three of our hilarious T-shirts that you can pick up for our usual low, low prices…take a look, and get what you need to make a good first impression (a funny impression) in any room, or on every street.

 The Element of Surprise T-Shirt

 We've taken this idea and created an element of surprise with the notation” Ah!” a periodic number of 117, and an atomic weight of 232, which is enough to make a physicist roll on the floor laughing.

 If you're science and technology minded, a real STEM geek, you will want to walk around showing off this “element” on your shirt. That is, if you love to wear high school physics equations. So add this one to part of your wardrobe and crack up the whole science squad.

 The Starry Night UFO T-Shirt

 Here's one for the artistically inclined, art history majors and the artistic minded, and those who love cool colors.

 You have Vincent van Gogh's lovely visual Starry Night picture, with a big old ‘foo fighter’ zooming in to photo bomb the scene. The flying saucer is hilarious, because it should not be there!

 Eccentrically hilarious, it is.

 UFO hunters and alien fans will also love this magnificently quirky T-shirt and wear it often. Remember, they walk among us!

 The “I Hate My Job” T-Shirt

 Don't we all hate our jobs sometimes?

 Not as much as this toothbrush, who is talking to a roll of toilet paper. LMAO.

 This hilarious shirt reminds us we just might not have the worst job in the world. Um – yeh. That’s something to keep in mind when it’s five o-clock somewhere, but you’re still slaving over the spreadsheet, or running deliveries in a van with a broken gearshift, or – well, you get the idea. If you’re a stressed-out worker, we’re on your side!

 So look for all of this and more at Five Dollar Tee Shirts with our tarot card designs, our sports team T-shirts, our cryptocurrency T-shirts (you wanna rep Bitcoin or Ethereum?) and much more. Be what you want to be – who you want to be – with your own funny flair.



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