The Wide Range Of Humor

The Wide Range Of Humor

Humor comes in many forms, in many shapes and sizes, in many flavors: more than Baskin-Robbins would have on hand even at the largest ice cream stand…you get the picture.

Another way to put that is that different people like different kinds of jokes, and we cater to the full spectrum of clowns and cutups with quirky shirts that set the mood for fun.

Subtle and Direct Humor

Some humor comes in the form of popular memes that have kind of a subtle ironic or sarcastic type of content. In a past blog post, we talked about the famous ‘guy looks a girl’ meme and the woman yelling at the cat. You take your stock messaging and put in that context, and it becomes ironic, and people love that kind of humor.

Other people like really direct humor.

We have a T-shirt, for example, that just says “Joke Shirt.”

We have another one with the picture of a hammer that says “This is not a drill.”

We have another one that just says “Don't talk to me Karen.”

That third one kind of speaks to the zeitgeist of the age, but the other two fall into the category of those lame dad jokes that people groan at, but that some secretly enjoy. That’s the idea.

Additional T-shirt Humor and Philosophy

Other kinds of humor are melded with philosophy. If you're walking around wearing a tarot card on your shirt, it is kind of humorous, but it's also steeped in ancient wisdom. We also talked about that whole thing in another blog post that we did about the authenticity of the tarot and why we include these shirts in our catalog.

Look, the bottom line is that we just have a little bit of everything. It’s so diverse that some people might be offended by the shirts that the other people wear, and vice versa. We don't get into the middle of that. We sell you excellent joke shirts of all kinds with the kind of quality and integrity you'd expect from a superior merchant. Even just that statement right there is a little bit humorous. It's a little bit tongue-in-cheek. We’re explaining it too much. We’ll stop and let you browse the site. Just remember that we have a sense of humor too, and we’re willing to use it. To your advantage. Just Kidding. Take a look around and don’t be shy. We stand behind all of our products. Not in a creepy way. Ok happy shopping.

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