Meaningful Ways To Show Your Patriotism

Meaningful Ways To Show Your Patriotism

For over 200 years, the United States of America has provided freedom for citizens, shelter for refugees, and promoted democracy across the globe. Many Americans love to show pride in our country in many different ways. Proudly flying the American Flag outside of homes and businesses, wearing patriotic t-shirts and clothing, and participating in patriotic events are just some ways Americans show respect and love for our country. Beyond the flag-waving and revelry, however, many seek more heartfelt ways to show our patriotism for our country. Here are some suggestions of meaningful ways to honor Americans and those who defend our freedoms. 

Get Out And Vote

While it sometimes is difficult to feel like one vote makes much of a difference in such a large country, voting is one of the best ways to honor our nation's founding principles. You may get involved with a campaign or a cause you believe in, volunteer on election day, or simply show up to the ballot box and cast your vote. Voting in local, state, and national elections is an execution of our rights as Americans and, thus, is in and of itself an honorable action. 

Thank A Veteran

Our freedoms as Americans are not free; armed service members of past and present have devoted their time, careers, and in some cases, their lives to defend our great nation. You can do more than thank them for their service by lending them a hand. Many agencies offer assistance to veterans who can use your support financially or through volunteering. If you know any veterans personally, consider ways you can give back to them meaningfully. 

Honor The American Flag When Flying The Stars And Stripes

Flag etiquette is an essential part of American patriotism. The United States Flag Code provides strict guidelines on how to correctly display and handle the American Flag. For example, a Flag flying at night must be illuminated, and when holding the Flag, it should never be allowed to touch the ground. Respecting our Nation's Flag shows our respect for our country and those who keep her safe. 

Support Our Beautiful National Parks

The National Park Service is in charge of managing our most beautiful public lands. These lands have been reserved for people to visit and enjoy throughout the United States. The National Park Service has historically operated on a minimal budget, and sometimes the economy forces the parks to reduce staff and amenities. Do your patriotic duty of visiting the National Parks if you can, or consider donating to a specific park or friends of the park organizations. 

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