How to Form Your Own Band Without Really Trying

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How to Form Your Own Band Without Really Trying

Have you ever dreamed of being able to say, "hey man, we have to get the band back together"? It only works if you actually belonged to a band at some point in the past. If not, you're pretty much out of luck. Unless, of course, there were a quick and dirty way to form a band that you could quickly disband and then reform.

We have the solution: form your own band with band-appropriate T-shirts from 5-Dollar Tees. We've got a set of six music T-shirts that includes everything you need to form a band from scratch. Who cares if you can't play or sing? The tees make you legit.

The Musicians

Every band has its musicians. If you're going for the rock genre, and we highly recommend you do, you only need four: guitarist, bassist, drummer, and singer. Any more than that is gravy.

The singer tends to be the guy or girl who gets most of the attention. So make sure the best-looking person in your group gets this T-shirt. Most of the attention is going to be on him or her, so the singer might just as well be easy to look at. Right?

Your bassist and guitarist will be competing for second place. In a real band, the amount of attention a guitarist gets depends on the sweetness of his licks. But yours isn't a real band; it's just a T-shirt band. So perhaps the one with the best hair will take the number two spot.

Unfortunately, fourth place almost always goes to the drummer. You know what they say: somebody has to be Ringo. The drummer in your band can be that member of the group who is the least talkative and most introspective. It helps if this person is often found staring off into space, thinking about the esoteric.

The Roadie

No successful band is complete without roadies. What is a roadie? He is that poor sap who follows the band around just to handle the equipment for low pay. The best roadies count it a privilege to unpack, set up, break down, and pack up instruments and sound equipment.

Even though your band isn't real, you can add authenticity by making sure your roadie has some muscle. You don't want someone who's skinny as a rail or you will be pushing the boundaries of believability. You already can't sing or play, so don't push it.

The Groupie

Last but not least is the groupie. Make sure whoever you choose for the role is a genuine 'fan boy' of your little group. Your groupie is going to follow you around wherever you go, fawning over you and vying for your attention. And by the way, your pet dog doesn't count. Dogs will love you no matter what. They also don't wear inexpensive T-shirts either.

Your groupie can be a person of either sex. Other demographics don't matter either. What's most important is loyalty. Don't choose someone as a groupie if they haven't been part of your circle of friends long enough for you to know what they like to drink and how they like to party.

See how easy it is to form a band without really trying? All you need are some appropriately labeled T-shirts from 5-Dollar Tees. Buy your T-shirts and find the right friends to wear them, and you'll be ready to take the town. Disband after a month, wait another month, and then declare that it's time to get the band back together. You'll be living the dream baby, living the dream.

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