Guy Looks At Girl: Is It Played Out Or Not?

Guy Looks At Girl: Is It Played Out Or Not?

Here's some of the latest in the meme wars. We've been hearing about one of the memes featured so prominently in our hilarious T-shirt line – the one where the anodyne gentlemen with his arm around his presumptive girlfriend turns his head back over his shoulder to gawk at some other lady as she passes…”guy looks at girl” - …..also known as “Distracted Boyfriend”…

This funny pic has been fodder for all sorts of quirky and uncanny captioning to suggest everything from spousal infidelity to the machinations of the Federal Reserve Bank and the socioeconomic interactions of world superpowers. Overkill? Maybe…

The Fans

“It's just so funny!” one of our customers told us last week. “I love thinking about this dumb guy ogling the other girl’s butt, and his girlfriend elbowing him sharply in the stomach and calling him an idiot. Then there's that meme where she's the fitness plan, and the other girl is the candy bacon – it's just so relatable!” Mm ok.

The Haters

“Man, I'm so tired of that garbage,” my uncle said at Christmas. “Trying to make an analogy between a playboy and the WTO just doesn't really make sense, and I didn't like the one about him wanting more corn chips either. What's wrong with a nice simple T-shirt that says something like ‘if you can read this you're not drunk enough’ or ‘when the cat’s away the mice will play’? Or something like they sell at the OCMD boardwalk?” He already has a raft of those shirts, and yeh, it’s kind of funny, but more in an old-school corny way according to some of my cousins. Anyway…

Laying Down Your Arms

We get it – some people like this meme, and some don't. That's natural. If you're one of those people who laughs uproariously at ‘guy looks at girl,’ you can get this infamous graphic on a shirt you can wear around to amuse people at parties. On the other hand, if you think that this meme is so very 2018, you can get Star Wars T-shirts, or tarot deck T-shirts, or cryptocurrency T-shirts or whatever else you're looking for instead. That's part of the plan here – affordable and really cool T-shirts in a wide variety, so that there's something for everybody. As my old landlord used to say in Los Angeles: “if everybody liked Chevys, they wouldn’t make no Fords.” Check out our whole catalog and ROFL to you. 

Check out our catalog and get what you want not, what someone else wants you to buy. We’ve got it all!

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