Anime Is Officially a Worldwide Phenomenon

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Anime Is Officially a Worldwide Phenomenon

Among our large selection of low-priced tees is our inventory of anime T-shirts. If you are familiar with the anime genre, you know just what to expect from these shirts. If you are new to anime, you may not understand just how prevalent it is. Suffice it to say that anime is officially a worldwide phenomenon.

Have you ever wondered why anime is so appealing to so many people? No one really knows for sure, but plenty of suggestions have been offered by artists, scientists, and anthropologists alike. We did a little digging around and discovered some interesting things ourselves. Perhaps some of what we learned might explain why anime is so loved around the world.

An Ancient Art Form

What the world now considers anime is quite a bit different from its historical roots in Japan. First and foremost, the term 'anime' in Japanese literally refers to all forms of animation. Our Western understanding of anime is limited to a very specific style of art and character development made popular during the last three decades of the 20th century.

Critics of modern anime often suggest that the term itself is used incorrectly. They would prefer modern anime be referred to as something else so as not to detract from the history of animation in Japan. At any rate, modern anime owes much of what it is to the Walt Disney Company and its films.

Not Just for Children

When Disney first began producing feature-length animated films, it was clear that their stories were aimed primarily at children. Japanese animators purposely chose to not go that route. They wanted to more accurately reflect Japanese art and its tendency to combine positive and negative, happy and sad, and utopian and dystopian themes all in a single piece.

This might be a big part of the appeal of anime. It is not aimed at children; it is animation for adults. You can see that in the drawings themselves. Japanese animators go out of their way to draw characters with realistic proportions. Moreover, they start with the head and develop all of a character's physical features from there.

By contrast, American animators often give characters oversized heads. And even if not, physical attributes are rarely proportional.

More Complex Storylines

Another possible appeal of anime is offered by New Culture Analyst contributor Angel Qinglan Li who, in a 2015 blog post, referenced modern anime's complex storylines. Unlike a typical American animation that offers simple explanations and wraps everything up in a bow at the end, Japanese stories are more complicated.

Questions are not always answered. Closure is not always given. More often than not, things are not wrapped up nicely at the end of the story. Adults tend to find this quite fascinating. They see anime as more real-life; they see it as more relevant to their own experience.

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