A Sign for Every Day

A Sign for Every Day

Every day, you get up, and you blink the sleep from your eyes, and you decide what you're going to do that day, and how you're going to impact your surroundings.

At least that's the idea behind our innovative T-shirt company where we have diverse designs that you can pull out of your closet each morning to frame your day’s events.

One of the things about choosing unique clothing is that one day doesn't have to be just like another. You get a chance to create a new expression and show off your styles to your audience, whether it's a room full of family, friends or coworkers, or just your trusty cat or dog.

Original Tarot and Astrological Designs

We have a lot of cool designs, too. For instance, you can walk around wearing a tarot card on your chest – choosing a key from this tablet of ancient wisdom that represents vast spiritual forces moving around in our world.

Tarot isn't just for divination (fortune-telling) – each card represents ideas about human nature and expression, and a different way to frame the world around you. When you choose to wear the fool or the magician, or some other card, for a day, you’re choosing to make a particular mark on your spiritual world.

We also have zodiac designs, where you can show off your birth sign, which is a different kind of mystical impact. People used to walk around saying: “what’s your sign?” But if they’re looking at it on your t-shirt, they’ll already know, which can be a great ice-breaker even though the zodiac is maybe a little more esoteric than it once was. 

Additional Modern Designs

Want more choices in quirky expression? What about “pug life,” the adorable meme in which your favorite smoosh-faced dog gazes out from under a hoodie?

Or maybe you want a T-shirt announcing that extraterrestrial beings walk among us. We've got that, too, and Star Wars T-shirts and more. Lebowski fans can wear “the Dude” himself on their shirts, and Star Trek fans can “make it so!”

It's all available for 5$ each, with 10% off orders of five or more shirts, through our modern e-commerce shop. Get a kick out of versatile designs brought straight to your door, or enjoy this easy way to buy a gift for that special someone. We’re here to help you to express your inner self in a bold new way. Skip the bumper stickers – wear it on your shirt!

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