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The official Swedish flag is composed of a yellow or gold Nordic cross on a field of light blue. The Nordic cross design is traditionally inspired by Christianity, while the design and colors of the Swedish flag were inspired by the present coat of arms of Sweden of 1442. The blue color symbolizes truth, vigilance, perseverance, loyalty, and justice; while the yellow color symbolizes generosity. 

Did you know that it is highly disrespectful to draw, mark, tear, or adorn the Swedish flag with any additional markings or decorations? Even when the Swedish flag becomes worn with age, it is highly encouraged to destroy it in a respectful manner. And if you want to burn an old worn flag, you have to do it in privacy with care. And no one may use the Swedish state flag without proper authorization. 

Aside from that, there are designated flag days in Sweden, and on these days, the flag is raised and shown on all public flagpoles and buildings, from dusk to dawn. 

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  • Available in Unisex Short Sleeve, Hooded Sweat Shirt, or Girls V Neck
  • Also available in Youth, Toddler, and Infant sizes
  • T-Shirt 100% Preshrunk Cotton (Heather grey 60% cotton/40% polyester)
  • Hoodie 75% cotton/25% polyester
  • Assorted colors
  • Cheap as hell

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Swedish Flag T-Shirt