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The official and current flag of the State of Alabama is perhaps the simplest of the U.S state flags. It was adopted by Act 383 of the Alabama state legislature on February 16, 1895. It is particularly described in the said Act that the flag of Alabama State shall be a crimson cross of St. Andrew on a field of white. The cross of St. Andrew mentioned in the Act is a diagonal cross, or also known as a saltire.

But did you know that on January 11, 1861, the Alabama Succession passed a resolution wherein they have designated an official flag for the state? It was originally designed by several women from the capital city of Montgomery and the finishing touches were done by Francis Corra. It features a field of blue with the goddess Liberty on its obverse with a cotton plant on its reverse.

However, Alabama’s state flag was removed from the U.S. Capitol Building due to its “confederate imagery” along with other states like Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

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  • Juniors V Neck
  • T-Shirt 100% Preshrunk Cotton
  • Assorted colors
  • Cheap as hell

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Alabama State Flag Juniors V Neck T-Shirt